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Rent apartment in your city
Посуточная аренда: Rent apartment in your city

Our web-portal offers you a large number of rental services of the private apartments on daily basis. We offer Accommodation in cheap apartments, Apartment for rent from standart class of 40$ to Vip class - 150$, Hotel services.

It is known that an apartment provides much better alternative to any kind of hotel. Apartment prices are half and more from the cost of hotels, if you choose an apartment to rent in some special area you are interested to rent apartment within walking distance of everything you need.

Our company has individual approach to every person! All the apartments are situated in the central part, close to the main business centers, shops, museums, theatres, restaurants, clubs, stadiums.

Any apartment from our site can be reserved for definite date at term of lease more than 3 days. At term of lease 1-2 days we do not guarantee reservation of definite apartment in advance. In this case we offer 3 variants of settlement.

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