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1-room apartment
31.12.2011, 04:31
Apartment details: Additional services offered by our agency:

The accommodation costs cover the following:
  • rent of the entire apartment on a daily basis regardless of the number of sleeping places;
  • house cleaning once every three days or twice a week at any time at your convenience;
  • bed linen (two sets);
  • local phone calls;
  • documentary proof of your accommodation.
We offer the following services for additional pay:
  • intercity and international telephone usage;
  • house cleaning done more frequently than once every three days;
  • car rent;
  • transportation;
  • cleaning and dry cleaning of personal things;
  • Internet;
  • mini bar;
  • food delivery from a restaurant (10 a.m. till до 11.00 p.m.).
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Contact person: Daily Kiev Rent

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